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The Elebands Fitness & Lifestyle
Development Podcast

Hello and welcome to Elecast, Elebands’ exclusive podcast and one of the ways in which we’re raising awareness about the importance of living a positive, abundant, healthy, and active lifestyle.

Elecast is designed to help our Eletribe community members adopt healthy habits and achieve goals in all aspects of life while providing invaluable insights, tips, and advice from the industry’s leading life coaches, fitness experts, and health enthusiasts.

Getting the Word Out

At Elecast, we understand the importance of having a comprehensive support system, which is why our podcast is filled with motivational stories and experiences from others who have walked or are currently walking the path to fitness and an abundant lifestyle.

Our podcasts are dedicated to providing you with the knowledge and inspiration to keep you motivated and empowered to stick to your success journey.

The Elecasts are hosted by Michael Sinclair, a certified life coach and the CEO of Elebands, with an array of seasoned leaders and professionals to offer expert advice, insights, tips, and strategies to help our listeners achieve their goals and transform their lives.


Each Elecast episode addresses various aspects of success from a holistic view. Michael and his guests share anecdotes, research insights, and practical tips that listeners can instantly apply in their daily lives instantly.

Our community members not only gain a wealth of knowledge but also a sense of belonging to a tribe invested in supporting each other throughout their successful journey.

Whether you are looking to lose weight or live a more abundant lifestyle, we have a wealth of information, tips, and advice just for you!

Words for a Better Life

At Elebands, we are committed to raising awareness about the importance of living a healthy and abundant lifestyle. We believe that by joining our community and tuning into Elecast, our listeners can achieve their goals while staying motivated and inspired.

Join us today by signing up for Elebands’ Elevation community and becoming a part of our Elecast podcast series. Access to the podcast and life coaching services is free and available to all members.

Live well and live happily with Elecast!