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The Elebands Fitness & Lifestyle
Development Community

Welcome to EleFam, the premier fitness community that emphasizes the importance of not just the physical aspects of weight loss, but also the mental aspect of it! Losing weight and staying fit isn't just a physical journey, but also a mental one.

EleFam members get free life-coaching services from our team of life coaches and is managed by our very own Michael Sinclair, who is a certified life coach and is the CEO of Elebands

From Bands to Bonds

With Michael's expertise, we provide a one-stop solution that ensures our community members not only get fit, but also receive the guidance, support, and motivation needed to maintain a healthy and abundant lifestyle.

Our life-coaching services are specially designed to cater to the unique needs of each individual community member. We work closely with each EleFam member to determine each person’s goals and offer personalized strategies and solutions to effectively achieve and maintain those goals.

You’re Not Alone

At Elebands, we understand that losing weight and staying fit can be challenging and that it’s extremely challenging to go through it alone. Thus, EleFam is a welcoming and supportive community of individuals and professionals focused on supporting each other on their successful journey.

All of our EleFam members have access to our life-coaching services, giving them an opportunity to discuss their progress, get feedback, and gain new insights to help them stay motivated throughout their journey

In addition to our life-coaching services, Elebands has launched a proprietary line of body weight bands, which are designed to help people tone their muscles and lose weight while going about their day. These bands are perfect for use at home, work, or on the go!

Join the EleFam!

EleFam invites you to be a part of our family, so you too can enjoy the benefits of our free life-coaching services. Joining is easy and free; visit our website and sign up today to become an EleFam member, and gain access to all the benefits our community has to offer.

Taking the first step on your success journey with Elebands is a decision you won’t regret. With expert guidance and the support of our community, you’ll be well on your way to reaching your desired goals and maintaining a healthy, happy lifestyle